Saturday, August 9, 2008

Update on the VanDyk FHA Rehab loan

This post isn't talking about some hollywood celebrity fearing another stay at the Betty Ford Clinic, rather it is regarding Realtors & Buyers fearing the Rehab Property and the Rehab loan. Many Realtors & Homebuyers are discouraged when they see a bank-owned REO or Bank Repo that is in Poor Condition. Dirty, filthy carpets, dire need of fresh paint, needs new appliances, and otherwise simple repairs. The problem is that the house just doesn't show well. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth just looking at it.

For those with a little vision of what that house could turn into, the VanDyk FHA Rehab loan can help. This loan doesn't require HUD consultants, or lengthy inspections. It is actually quite easy to deal with our streamlined process and one time closing procedures.

Utilizing the VanDyk FHA Rehab program can actually enhance the value of your new home. Imagine moving in to fresh paint, new appliances, upgraded lighting, a new deck, or ? Most families plan on making changes when they purchase a new home, only it takes either years of saving & work on weekends, or empties the savings account. Let us show you the exciting power this loan offers to not only help you purchase your new home, but also to make it your own just the way you want it.

Call Brian Skaar at VanDyk Mortgage to find out if this program can help sell your listing, or if it might be the right choice to help you into your next home. 866-900-2342 toll free. or apply online.

Realtors have found that teaming up with VanDyk Mortgage is helping them sell their REO listings quicker, as potential buyers have more options than with other banks or brokers. Utilize our expert knowledge to sell more homes. Team up with Brian Skaar & VanDyk Mortgage today.

The VanDyk FHA Rehab loan is available up to the FHA loan limits for your area. Currently the limits are 729,750 in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco & San Jose, while San Diego is capped at $697,500, Seattle is at 567,500, and Riverside/San Bernardino areas are at $500,000.

VanDyk Mortgage is a Direct FHA Lender. VanDyk Services all of these areas and more. Visit our website for details.